About me

My name is Bob van Hout I'm eighteen years old and I live in Sittard, Limburg, The Netherlands.

I graduated at the school of higher general secondary education. I'm currently a sophomore and studying the Zuyd University of Communication and Multimedia Design in Maastricht. I share a big passion in animation, (audio)visual design, photography, storytelling, and I'm looking to further enhance my skills and understanding in those subjects, meet new people to share my ideas with and gain new experiences in the field of visualdesign, animation and storytelling.

My second big passion is traveling. The further away from home, the better. I'm always seeking adventure, new experiences, the chance to meet new people, and find out more about the world. During these journeys I'm usually accompanied by a guide and fellow travelers. The countries I've visited are listed below:

Learning objectives

I'm looking to improve my understanding of the Adobe programs, such as Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.

I'm looking to gain new experiences, share ideas and meet new people.

I would like to improve my language skills by working in a team.


Eco Summit Ambassador

Beside school and traveling business, I'm also an ambassadors of the Sekisui Eco Summit, usually giving presentation or doing an interview about the importants of the environment. This title was giving to me by the CEO of Sekisui Alveo for my efforts during the Sekisui Eco Summit in Japan, back in 2012. I'm still in touch with the people I met during the Sekisui Eco Summit and we occasionally meet up somewhere.

Interested in what I've made? Check out my portfolio or my Curriculum vitae


You can contact me on:

E-mail: bob-97@ziggo.nl

Phone: (+31) 6 41 41 64 62